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Slashing energy bills with solar power | Boehme Systems


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Consumers stay independent of rising energy costs thanks to photovoltaics

Alternative power generation is a hot topic – at a time when environmental awareness is on the increase and energy prices are rocketing, everybody is talking about it. And especially when it's cold and wet outside and one’s cosy and warm home is the place to be, the idea of an energy supply that leaves one less affected by price hikes and energy shortages becomes a very appealing proposition indeed. Against this backdrop photovoltaic systems are gaining massively in popularity.

The days are getting shorter and colder as winter is approaching. And even if our forecasters are shy of giving us concrete weather forecasts for the coming months, the general consensus is that it won’t be as mild a winter as we last experienced in 2007/2008 – on the contrary. Hence, many householders are already dreading the ‘big freeze’, as according to the heating survey 2013 most people had to foot heating bills that lay on average 9 % above those for the previous winter. So that the desire for a snugly heated home and refuge does not end up a bottomless money pit, the experts’ advice is to take energy sourcing into consideration when designing one’s new home. For instance, people opting for a photovoltaic system are producing electricity in a way that is kind to the environment, compared with other types of power generation. The solar modules of a photovoltaic plant make use of the sun's rays. The thus produced solar electricity may either be used for one’s own consumption or it can be fed into the national grid. The same principle also applies to cocu®PV from BOEHME® SYSTEMS. This photovoltaic element consists of an integrated flexible solar module inside a metal shingle. This way a building’s cladding kills two birds with one stone: covering the building and generating energy. The All Light Performance System ensures that electricity is produced even when the weather is less than favourable. This way energy generation is not limited to pure sunshine hours alone..