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The turn of the year | Boehme Systems


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besinnliche Weihnachtszeit

BOEHME® SYSTEMS can draw positive balance and feels confident about the future

The year draws to a close. Although the pre Christmas season and the turn of the year usually are times for conscious reflection, the focus often is different for many places. There are projects, which have to be concluded before the end of the year; the new year has to be planned best as possible in advance amongst many other things – and this is no different at BOEHME® SYSTEMS. Nevertheless we want to take this opportunity to pause for a moment, to look back and to then look ahead into the future.

BOEHME® SYSTEMS looks back on an eventful year. This began with the exciting experience of our first participation at the international trade fair BAU and being awarded with the “11th Innovation Award in architecture and construction”. That presence as well as the consistently positive feedback could give us added momentum to keep on implementing international projects as well as generate new orders. New country outlets in Canada and Singapore have been opened to push global activity further. Pula based (Croatia) BOEHME® SYSTEMS INŽENJERING d.o.o. also continually developed. Our international partners now access BOEHME® SYSTEMS’ product knowledge worldwide. They also profit from the extensive engineering expertise on the one hand and the synergy effects of the close collaboration inside the whole group on the other hand. An additional highlight has been the move into the “Bureau Nord” in Schwabing, Munich in the middle of September. Despite the stress of moving whilst operations kept running, we like to think back to the great opening ceremony. This brief overview illustrates the past year's efforts and events. At this point we would like to sincerely thank all these who contributed to this successful year – no matter if on the front lines or in the background. We wish all employees, partners and friends of BOEHME® SYSTEMS a peaceful Christmas season and a Happy New Year. We are looking forward to all the exciting projects awaiting us in the future.