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Country representation in Toronto

As a system provider of innovative building claddings made from metal BOEHME® SYSTEMS is involved in building projects of all dimensions, big and small, all over the world. So as to be able to service the Canadian market more attentively on the ground, BOEHME® SYSTEMS has now appointed a new partner to work locally. Arvin Zokaie has a proven track record in the sector and will be the direct contact to architects and planners in Canada.

Whether it’s creativity in planning, the contrasts to the country’s vast natural expanses or the spectacular skylines – Canada offers a wealth of architectural highlights. So as to be available and be able to assist architects more immediately on site, BOEHME® SYSTEMS is now increasing its presence in the Canadian market with an independent country representation in Toronto. Under the helm of Arvin Zokaie existing activities and the established contact network are to be expanded, while at the same time tapping into new market segments as well. Planners and potential customers are thus soon be able to receive comprehensive advice and the appropriate product solution near to where they are based - whether their requirement is for cladding for a facade or a bespoke roof covering.