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Country representation in Singapore

The Asian economic markets are of great importance for international business. Naturally, BOEHME® SYSTEMS is keen to increase its sales volume in the Asian markets and has now set up its own partner in Singapore.

Singapore is seen as the gateway to Southeast Asia. The Island-State is regarded as one of the most important locations for internationally operating companies in the region. According to figures from the Foreign Office, around 1,300 German companies are currently trying to tap into the growing Asian markets with branches and offices here in Singapore. BOEHME® SYSTEMS, too, has set up its own country representation here to make a push for a bigger slice of market share on the Asian continent. The objective of this subsidiary is to win new projects, expand the existing network of contacts and last but not least, provide customers of BOEHME® SYSTEMS with quick and competent advice and assistance. With great experience in the sector and comprehensive product know-how, Mr. Jan Pieter Dozy is at hand in Singapore to offer well-founded professional project consultation. BOEHME® SYSTEMS has already cooperated with Mr. Dozy on several different projects in the past with great success.