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Tradition und Moderne: Classic-Schindeln von BOEHME<sup>®</sup> SYSTEMS

Classic shingles from BOEHME® SYSTEMS

Whether for façade solutions or for roofing, architects and planners have been relying on tried and tested metal as a building material for many years. As a building clad with metal shingles always captivates with its individual and elegant appearance, the traditional material is used today mainly for innovative and modern building envelopes. The classic shingle range from BOEHME® Systems also combines just these components of traditional craftsmanship and the innovative language of forms.

Roof and façade solutions must withstand a wide range of weather conditions over many years. Metal as a traditional building material scores highly here, thanks in particular to its robustness as well as its high load-bearing capacity and very good ductility – an aspect gaining in importance particularly for the creative freedom it offers architects and planners. A modern building envelope, after all, must be always visually appealing. Because of these advantages, BOEHME® SYSTEMS relies on the traditional building material of metal and has regularly expanded its product portfolio in recent years. A wide variety of different colours and shapes is available to architects and planners in the classic shingle product range and offers almost everything designers could wish for. Various methods of supporting construction, as well as special clips for easy mounting, ensure that the shingle itself need not be provided with holes for screws or similar mounting material – so avoiding surfaces from which water may penetrate into the shell. Production and processing make the metal shingle a sustainable and economical product for a durable building envelope.