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Rapid construction progress in Linz, Austria

After the planning and preparations for the restoration of a roof for a detached house were finalised a few weeks ago in Linz (Austria), the installation of the shingles from BOEHME® SYSTEMS is now also almost complete. The shingles used in this instance are cocu®PV. With this photovoltaic element that can be shaped into many different dimensions, a robust roof covering that is very attractive to look at can be produced in record time - and at the same time this roof also produces energy - thanks to integrated photovoltaics. The rapid construction progress is primarily due to a very straightforward assembly mode: the individual shingles are simply slotted into one another and are fastened with BOEHME® SYSTEMS clips.

13-21 01 350px 13-21 02 350pxBOEHME® SYSTEMS are currently carrying out roof restorations to a single-family home in Linz; the project is aptly demonstrating that modern roof restorations do neither have to be boring, nor do they have to be complicated! Once the parties involved in the project had decided on the objective and the method for the restoration works to be carried out, assembly of the photovoltaic shingles and the roof covering could take place as well - in just a single working step. The latter being an advantage that pays off for the homeowners in more ways than one: building measures are swift and don't interrupt family life for long, while fewer hours worked roofing reduces labour costs. And it all is made possible through cocu®PV shingles from BOEHME® SYSTEMS. The use of this innovative system solution for the entire building envelope renders an additional photovoltaic system, which may ultimately turn out to be a bit of an eye-sore, obsolete. Assembly of such a system is no longer required, and the strain on the existing roof construction is lower as well as this photovoltaic element already consists of an integrated flexible solar module inside its metal shingle. Once the battens and counter battens have been fitted, the cocu®PV shingles are positioned in place. They are fitted with a mounting film, which prevents premature electricity generation and protects the material. Thanks to the shingles’ angled profiles the elements can simply be slotted into one another and are then fastened with clips.  So as to create a uniform overall look, any gaps are filled using dummy shingles.