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Clients and partners profit of the holistic approach

Metal shingles, gutter systems or even modern construction elements with integrated photovoltaic for façades or roofing – BOEHME® SYSTEMS provides their clients with everything they need for a modern high-quality architectural building shell. Besides the pure product solution, they also provide extensive support and advice on-site. Quality and client orientation is what the Munich-based company focuses on. This is officially certified and highlighted by BOEHME® SYSTEMS certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

Key competences of BOEHME® SYSTEMS are the development and delivery of innovative, holistic metal building shells. The company utilizes already proven products in order to produce system solutions for innovative building envelopes. As a result clients and partners can obtain everything from a single source. BOEHME® SYSTEMS plans building projects with creativity and imagination down to the most minute detail. They take care of the project management, logistics as well as the production itself. Monitoring the construction progress regularly ensures that the deadline for completion is met. BOEHME® SYSTEMS’ team provides professional tradesmen and specialised staff with advice and practical tips in their many user and installation trainings.