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BINE-reference-book “Buildings Produce Electrical Energy“

The 7th edition of BINE's reference book “Buildings Produce Electrical Energy” now presents a compact guide introducing all relevant areas concerning the generation of solar power - such as planning, installation and operation. The book focuses on grid connected systems and on the possibilities to integrate architectural design in roofing as well as façades.

14-01 buch 250pxThe generation of solar energy is a success story. The proportion of decentrally generated electricity has risen drastically during the last years in Germany. In 2012, approximately 5.3 per cent of the national net electricity consumption could be covered by photovoltaic. These facts deliver the answer to the commonly asked question whether the use of photovoltaic is still worthwhile today, which it definitely is. When it comes to the electricity of the future, solar in particular will take the lead. Even other renewable energies such as wind power are falling behind. However, investing in a PV system is a vision for the future. Therefore it is crucial to pay attention to the quality of the assigned solar modules. Only reliable modules can reach the calculated long-term profitability and generate their calculated sun yields. BOEHME® SYSTEMS‘ cocu®PV is such a high quality photovoltaic element, which meets the high quality standards and also looks appealing. The innovative panel consists of a flexible solar module, which is integrated in a metal shingle. As a result a modern and architectural demanding building shell can be created, which at the same time will be used to generate energy.