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Corporate headquarters as the flagships of businesses

The central challenge for organisations in today’s fast-pacing society is to leave a lasting impression in customer’s minds as well as to distinguish themselves from their competition. That is why ‘Corporate Identity’ has been part of daily business for a while now in many places. That includes language, behaviour as well as dress code. Besides that a building’s architecture can play a significant role towards attaining the desired image of an organisation.

According to the principle of Corporate Architecture a company’s building should reflect its values and traditions as that leaves a lasting impression on visitors. A recent trend in that regard is to incorporate innovative shapes and sustainable materials into architecture so that both the design as well as the desired effect of the building’s exterior are being produced simultaneously.

Taking that into account, BOEHME® SYSTEMS offers metal shingles for special designs of the exterior facade of representative buildings. These are diverse in shape and colour and can be customized flexibly to meet customer’s needs. Like that multifaceted and complex detailed solutions can be realised such as ones that pick up and represent an organisation’s past, present and future for instance. There are simply no limits to creativity in the development of unique building projects.