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Real-life models help to realize building projects

The requirements for a building’s architectural design have increased immensely during the last years. A building’s design is supposed to be distinct, innovative and overall has to attract attention. Hence every detail has to be thought of whilst planning in order to achieve the best possible end result. That is the reason why it helps builders to work with a model to get a clear vision of the implementation.

Exact planning is the cornerstone of a smooth realization of extravagant building projects. Therefore a close collaboration between client and developer is essential. A detailed model – a mock-up - can be helpful in order to establish a mutual basis, cooperation and understanding between both parties. BOEHME® SYSTEMS is specialised in creating realistic and expressive models of building projects. The models demonstrate how the object will look once the building measures are finished. The advantages of such high quality models at a scale of 1:1 are obvious: Not only is the design of the building easier imaginable, but the planning of the implementation of complicated connection solutions and shapes are made easier. Moreover the client is able to identify problems early and formulate suggestions for optimization. An additional advantage is that the professionally made design models can be used in presentations to third parties such as representatives of authorities, experts, neighbours and citizen’s initiatives. That can shorten the process of realization of building projects considerably.