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Looking ahead to 2020

In times of rising energy prices and climate change it will become more significant to produce one’s own energy. According to the results of a current survey related to the energy turnaround, more and more people believe that they will be generating their own energy until 2020.

Solar energy plants, micro power plants or small wind turbines: The possibilities to generate energy are diverse. A recent survey shows that most German citizens now are aware of these options. In the meantime home owners increasingly believe that they will produce their own energy until 2020. Reason to produce one’s own energy is not only to save costs, but that energy generation with photovoltaic is comparatively environmentally friendly. The solar modules use sunlight to produce power, which then can be used for personal supplies or even can be fed into the public power supply system. That also applies for BOEHME® SYSTEMS’ cocu®PV. Their photovoltaic element consists of a flexible solar module integrated into a metal shingle. Like that an appealing building shell is created, which at the same time can be used for energy generation.