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The façade as crucial element

Façade – the term derives from Latin and means face. This is not the only reason why a design should not only be practical but cater to architectural demands as well. An executing architect sees the choice of façade as crucial design element and will be reluctant to give up his decisional-power. But which criteria influence the decision about the choice of a certain product or producer?

Market research institute BauInfoConsult recently looked into this question with the following result: Because of the aesthetic dominance of the facade the respective material and brand have a particularly high binding effect. The survey proofs that quality, price, durability, former experiences as well as service and availability are what architects look at primarily when choosing manufacturers or products. Because of these criteria planners rely on BOEHME® SYSTEM’S system solutions for their projects - especially with the company‘s core competence being development, manufacturing and delivery of innovative, holistic metal building shells. Their focus lies on creativity paired with reliability. Together with its partners, BOEHME® SYSTEMS works on individual architectural demanding and economically sound solutions for the particular building project and the effort is paying off: The company’s cutting edge innovations such as the multidimensional formable photovoltaic element cocu®PV have been honoured with the “11th Innovation Award Architecture + Building.”