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Villa Otto

Futuristic building in Singapore

A villa with striking architectural features is currently being built in Singapore – its design and shape remind of an UFO. The modern materials emphasize the dynamic, curved alignment of the building even more. One of these is BOEHME® SYSTEM’S rectangle classic shingle made of aluminium which is used for the roofing amongst others.

Villa OttoVilla OttoVilla Otto

The concept of emphasizing the harmonic shapes of the building is based on Feng Shui teachings. When viewed from above the building reminds of a horizontal eight over which a sail is spread in the centre and the protrusions. The first and second storeys are characterized by their large share of transparency. Together with the outer walls and its roofing the building evokes the impression of a space ship, which is landing or taking off. This is reinforced by the use of metal in the building shell. Inside the building it is spacious, which offers room to sleep, live and accommodate visitors as well as to pursue hobbies. That offers both diverse possibilities for entertainment as well as quiet places to retreat and for inner contemplation.

Villa OttoVilla OttoVilla Otto