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Kuppelbau XXL

Brindisi coal stockyard covered with BOEHME® SYSTEMS classic-shingles

In Brindisi, Italy two dome shaped structures are being built at the moment in order to provide roofing for the coal stockyards of energy producer Enel. Now the roofing of the first hemispherical building shell with a diameter of 142 m has been completed.

The glued laminated wood domes, which were constructed by the “Rubner Holding” are being covered in BOEHME® SYSTEMS’ classic shingles type efficient. For the exterior of the dome structure triangles were constructed on a secondary structure on the floor on which the shingles could be mounted. Only after these structures were tiled the full structure was mounted on to the dome structure. In total 21000 square metres of aluminium shingles have been used for the first completed structure. In addition to the shingles, 800 running meters of BOEHME® SYSTEMS guttering system have been used for the XXL dome.