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Cost-effective roof restoration with cocuPV

Installing a new roof and improving the overall energy balance of the building at the same time: that was the aim owners of a detached building in Linz, Austria, had in mind for their single-family home. The feature that makes this roof special: cocuPV. The shingle with integrated photovoltaics not only provides a rather robust roof, it also generates energy! This makes an additional photovoltaics system obsolete.

Roofs are those parts of a building that last longest. Despite having to withstand a great many environmental stresses the roof may easily - if properly fitted – remain fully functional for up to 50 years. However, by the time bits of the roof cover become loose or the building starts showing signs of moisture and mould, it's high time for repair measures. Increasingly, the way a roof looks is not the only issue being taken into consideration. More and more energy efficiency is starting to play a key role in homeowners’ decision-making – as was the case in the roof restoration of this family home in Linz.

Metal shingles with integrated photovoltaics

The project’s pitched roof was damaged and was to be replaced with a modern metal covering. The homeowners desired an attractive looking yet sustainable solution. Rather than opting for a traditional roof cover with a photovoltaic system fitted on top, they chose to install cocuPV from Boehme Systems. This photovoltaic element consists of an integrated flexible solar module inside a metal shingle. This way the roof cover kills two birds with one stone: covering the building and generating energy.

Rapid installation progress

First the 145 m2 large roof surface was covered and the roofing boards were inspected. Then the roof was fitted with permeable roof sheathing. Once the battens and counter battens had been fitted, the photovoltaic shingles, and thus the roof covering – were positioned in place in one single work step - as the use of cocuPV renders fitting an additional photovoltaic system obsolete. A fact that is of great benefit to owners, as it means shorter construction times which in turn means fewer labour hours and ultimately reduced labour costs.

Yet another plus point of integrated photovoltaics: the load exerted on the roof construction is minimised.

Thanks to these shingles’ angled profiles the elements can simply be slotted into one another and are then fastened with clips. The individual elements are fitted with a mounting film, which on one hand prevents premature electricity generation, while on the other protecting the material. So as to create a uniform overall look, any gaps are filled using dummy shingles. The end result is a closed, attractively looking roof that combines the advantages of photovoltaics and the material metal.

“With “cocuP” it becomes possible to realise a long-lasting roof that generates electricity. The ‘All Light Performance System’ ensures that electricity is produced even when the weather is less than favourable. Energy generation is thus not limited to times of pure sunshine”, explains Andreas Stengl, Managing Director of Boehme Systems Vertriebs GmbH.

In the future the home in Linz will be capable of producing around 3,800 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year with cocuPV, which corresponds to the average annual electricity consumption of a standard household.

13-23 Dach[13-23 Roof]
“cocuPV” creates aesthetically pleasing roofs that produce energy and aid sustainability.

13-23_Clips[13-23 Clips]
Angled profiles mean individual shingles can simply be slotted together and are then fastened with BOEHME® SYSTEMS clips.

13-23 Alte Dachfläche[13-23 Old roof cover]
The existing roof cover of this family home was outdated – the owners wanted to replace it with a modern and sustainable roof.

13-23 Lattung[13-23 Battening]
Prior to fitting the cover, battens and counter battens were installed.

13-23 Dach_neu[13-23 Roof new]
In future, the home in Linz will be producing around 3,800 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year.

Fotos: Boehme Systems Vertriebs GmbH