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S. Jaritz Stahlbau & Montage GmbH has brand-new, ultramodern head offices

High quality and a rather broad product portfolio, such as architectural steel constructions, façade structures and specialist staircases, have been the motor behind S. Jaritz Stahlbau & Montage GmbH’s steady growth and success. A new striking head office near Graz was to achieve two things at once: create more space for the workforce and also showcase the key material and qualities the brand is known for, i.e. steel, precision and excellent workmanship. Architect Andreas Lechner fittingly opted for stainless steel shingles in a diamond pattern which were juxtaposed with glass and metal fronts. The strikingly patterned surface accentuates either side of the building gives it a distinctive look that makes an unmistakable connection to the company’s area of expertise.

The architecture of business premises generally represents a company to the outside world, i.e. it makes a first impression on potential customers. But importantly, they also have an impact on the well-being of the workforce. Both of these aspects played a key role when the new offices of S. Jaritz Stahlbau & Montage GmbH were planned and designed. In 2010 the company decided to build new offices from scratch to create adequate office spaces to house their internal planning department, the management, and the HR and accounts departments. Until then these departments had been housed in a temporary single-storey building on the company premises north of Graz. Not only was the space no longer sufficient, the offices were also uncomfortable and the furnishings inadequate for a modern business that had clearly outgrown its original settings. However, the new building was also meant to reflect the company’s field of activity.

Self-sufficient office spaces under one roof

Surrounding premises were acquired to house potential production halls to be built in the future and to give the administrative offices a new strategic position within the company premises. And since the factory grounds lie on an industrial estate between the motorway and a heavily trafficked country road, it was possible to position the administrative building in a readily visible spot that also serves to create a spatial boundary to any factory halls. The client wished to have a building that would have three office spaces that would be able to function independently, should they need to do so. The L-shaped floor plan on the ground floor therefore allows for being divided into two office spaces, having their own separate sanitary areas and tea/coffee points when a partition wall is pulled up. The building structure of the upper floor opens up at the staircase via a third entrance door and thus provides another separate office unit. The ground floor is home to the planning department and also houses the company’s entire administration. The top floor is home to the management, a conference room and a further planning department.

Special façade design

The narrow sides of the building are each clad twice with a façade made up of stainless steel rhomboidal or ‘diamond’ shapes, once on the ground floor and once on the upper floor. The surfaces, made from metal shingles that don’t rust and which have an all-round metal border, are given a clear structure thanks to the diagonal lines. The high-sheen material of the Classic Shingles from Boehme Systems picks up and reflects the surroundings and the weather and acts as a giant mirror without losing its autonomy. The totally sealed surface prevents any water from penetrating even under lashing rain and high winds. The wide sides of the building facing the road received aluminium panels, while the façade facing the factory and the upper floor received aluminium tiling. The elaborate façade design strives to connote what the brand stands for, using the materials it manufactures, emulating precision and quality workmanship within the architecture of the administrative building block.

The L-shaped ground floor space has a glass front across its entire length on both the side facing the roads and the production plants. The top floor’s rectangular space also features a continuous band of windows. By offsetting the top floor a covered open forecourt was created, which has been cleverly landscaped into a small floral island which acts as a central point, connecting all routes from the factory to the administrative offices. Towards the road the ground floor space appears immersed in lush greenery that tails off at either end, creating the illusion of the building hovering over the terrain.

Generous work spaces and communication areas

The office spaces have been designed as large open-plan offices that can be reached on the ground floor via generous access areas from all sides. The open-plan office areas are only interrupted by a small number of columns and are structured by the office furnishings themselves; the bracing concrete walls envelop the sanitary areas which were positioned head-on. The enclosed narrow sides offer wide shelving across their entire width to store the company files. The rather generous work and communication spaces with a lowered ceiling in white lacquer, light-coloured oak flooring throughout, with many plants and colour accents set by curtains and furniture, resulting in a workspace that has a pleasant ambience where people feel more at ease and enjoy their working day. An energy-efficient air to air heat pump and underfloor heating throughout complement the client’s holistic concept and strive for excellent quality.

Both the interior and the exterior of the new office building of S. Jaritz Stahlbau & Montage GmbH present themselves as contemporary architecture that not only reflects the corporate brand image to the outside world, but also creates a great ambience where it’s a pleasure to work.

Die Schmalseiten des Bürogebäudes der S. Jaritz Stahlbau & Montage GmbH werden je zweimal im Erd- und Obergeschoss mit einer Fassade aus Edelstahlrauten markiert.[13-11 Characteristic façade design]

The narrow fronts of the administration building of S. Jaritz Stahlbau & Montage GmbH receive two stainless steel rhomboidal facades each, on the ground and the top floor.

Das hochglänzende Material der Classic-Schindeln von Boehme Systems nimmt die Umgebung auf und spiegelt das Wetter wider, ohne seine Eigenständigkeit zu verlieren.[13-11 Integration]

The high-sheen material of the Classic Shingles from Boehme Systems picks up the surroundings and the weather and acts as a giant mirror without losing its autonomy.

Modern-zeitgenössische Architektur mit behaglichem Ambiente: Die Firmenzentrale im Raum Graz schafft ausreichend Raum für Arbeitsplätze und greift Material, Präzision und Verarbeitung des zentralen Firmen-Werkstoffs auf.[13-11 Pleasant ambience]

Modern, contemporary architecture with a pleasant ambience: The company head office near Graz creates sufficient workspaces and emulates the corporate core signifiers: material, precision and quality workmanship.

Durch Versetzung und Verschiebung des Obergeschosses entsteht werkseitig ein überdeckter Vorbereich, der mit einer Blumeninsel zum zentralen und leitendem Element aller Wege vom Firmengelände zum Bürogebäude wird.[13-11 Offset building parts]

By offsetting the top floor a covered forecourt is created, which has been made into a landscaped garden that acts as a central point which connects all routes from the factory to the administrative offices.

Fotos: Boehme Systems Vertriebs GmbH