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BOEHME® SYSTEMS is setting up country representations in Toronto and Singapore

Products made in Germany are sought after all over the world. The current sales and turnover development of Boehme Systems confirms this fact. The company, with its registered office in Munich, offers system solutions made from metal for building claddings all over the world. The façade elements, shingles and roof gutter systems are used in a diverse range of projects which are frequently of sophisticated architectural design: In the construction of the Borisov Stadium, the repair of the Dresden Frauenkirche, or the construction of the Resorts World Sentosa in Southeast-Asia. So as to increase its international presence and to be better able to deal with the growing demand in the respective locations, Boehme Systems is now also setting up country representations in Canada and Singapore.

From small, humble beginnings as a regionally operating plumbing firm to an internationally operating enterprise: façade elements, shingles and roof gutter systems made from metal by Boehme Systems are today in high demand all over the world. Offering solutions for building claddings that make architectural and economic sense, that’s our declared mission. Advising architects and tradesmen and providing comprehensive project planning assistance is also at the heart of our operations. In order to be able to service both the Canadian and the Asian market better, independent country representations have now been set up in Toronto and Singapore. Under the helm of Arvin Zokaie existing activities and the established contact network are to be expanded, while at the same time tapping into new market segments as well. With great experience in the sector and comprehensive product know-how, Mr. Jan Pieter Dozy is at hand in Singapore to offer well-founded professional project consultation. Boehme Systems has already cooperated with Mr. Dozy on several different projects in the past with great success. Planners and potential customers are thus soon be able to receive comprehensive advice and the appropriate product solution near to where they are based - whether their requirement is for cladding for a façade or a bespoke roof covering.

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