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BAU 2013: Innovation award for cocu®PV-Element by BOEHME® SYSTEMS

BOEHME® SYSTEMS presented for the first time a novel, formable photovoltaic-element at the BAU 2013 in Munich. With cocu®PV, the system provider for metal building shells offers creative potential for craftsmen and architects when working with building shells – and at the same time guarantees the sustainable utilisation of solar energy. Even demanding and organic geometries can be cladded with the multidimensional formable construction component. The new product was awarded with the 11th Innovation Award Architecture + Building“.

At the BAU 2013 the BOEHME® SYSTEMS Vertriebs GmbH presented its comprehensive product range of facade elements, shingles and roof drainage systems. The company with head office in Munich participated for the first time at the trade fair and saw great interest and excitement from international trade visitors. Various conversations with national as well as foreign potential customers set the basis for concrete projects in the near future. The main focus of the trade fair exhibition was the newly developed product of BOEHME® SYSTEMS: the cocu®PV-Element. It promises, especially for architects and craftsmen, manifold creative and manufacturing possibilities.

Creative potential for ecological construction

In collaboration with the Solarion AG, BOEHME® SYSTEMS developed a new roof and facade element with integrated photovoltaic „cocu®PV“. „cocu®“ stands for „complexed curved“ (multidimensional formable). „It is a photovoltaic element with an integrated solar module in a metal shingle“, as explained by Andreas Stengl, managing director of the BOEHME® SYSTEMS Vertriebs GmbH. In an industrial production process each cell is applied by vacuum lamination. The new process guarantees on the one hand the constantly high quality standard and ensures on the other hand that the cells do not have to be applied to the shingles by using an additional glue – the risk of damaging individual cells while gluing does not exist anymore. Furthermore, that way there will be no undesired dissolution of PV-components.

Because of its elasticity cocu®PV allows for even unusual organic shapes. As the photovoltaic cells are integrated, the building look is not being destroyed by additional photovoltaic components. This way, the cocu®PV-Element guarantees the combination of creative potential and functional reliability as well as ecologically sustainable construction. Because of the All Light Performance System the production of electricity is possible even under unfavourable weather conditions. The generation of energy is not limited to hours of sun.

Awarded product innovation

Especially with this innovation BOEHME® SYSTEMS has shown that it obviously has its finger on the pulse of time by winning the 11th innovation award architecture and building industry prize for the cocu®PV-Element. It was awarded during the BAU 2013 in Munich. Every two years, manufacturers and developers of innovative products and system solutions for the construction industry are granted the award for innovation for taking into consideration the requests and demands of architects to a special degree. Decisive for the competent jury is most of all the functional and creative quality, the material authenticity and last but not least the broad variety of fields of application.

„Being granted the award for innovation, our trade fair performance at the BAU and the conversations and contacts as a result of these few days have confirmed for us that with our products for facades and roofs we meet with the demands of a huge number of architects and planners. Especially with the new cocu®PV-Element we managed to combine demands for sustainable and architecturally challenging construction,“ Andreas Stengl takes stock.

13-01 messeteam 350px[13-01 Fair team]
BAU 2013 Fair team.

13-01 cocuPV-Element 350px[13-01 cocuPV-Element]
Das neue, multidimensional verformbare cocuPV-Element ermöglicht die Kombination von nachhaltigem Bauen und der Realisierung architektonisch anspruchsvoller Formen und Geometrien.

13-01 Auszeichnung 350px[13-01 Auszeichnung]
Erfolgreiche Produktvorstellung auf der BAU 2013: unter den diesjährigen Gewinnern des 11. Innovationspreises Architektur und Bauwesen auch, stellvertretend für die Boehme Systems Vertriebs GmbH, Geschäftsführer Andreas Stengl (r.).

Fotos: Boehme Systems Vertriebs GmbH