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cocu PVBOEHME® SYSTEMS cocu®PV - Multi-dimensional formable photovoltaic element and thereby provides almost unlimited creative potential for craftsmen and architects.

With the BOEHME® SYSTEMS cocu®PV-Element the system provider for metal building shells introduces a unique product to the global market with which architecturally demanding building geometries and organically shaped building shells can be cladded. At the same time, the multi-dimensional formable (cocu = complex curved) photovoltaic element (PV-Element) for solar energy that is industrially applied to the shingle by vacuum-lamination makes ecological construction possible without an additional element for the roof and facade cladding.

In cooperation with a German producer of photovoltaic products and based on the know-how of experienced engineers as well as master craftsmen of the BOEHME® SYSTEMS Vertriebs GmbH the company developed a new kind of product with the following characteristics:

complex curved:

  • multi-dimensional forming of the cocu®PV-Element has been made possible without giving up the PV-functionality
  • makes ecological construction with architecturally demanding building geometries possible
  • organically shaped building shells are possible
  • almost unlimited creative potential for architects

cocu®PV-Element is a building shell … no additional elements for the roof/facade necessary:

  • industrial production (vacuum-lamination) which garanties a high quality standard
  • no additional adhesive bonding of PV-cells
  • no undesired dissolution of PV-cells
  • no additional material (glue) necessary … significant weight reduction

All Light Performance (ALP):

  • even under unfavourable weather conditions electricity will be produced
  • energy generation is not limited to hours of sun


Performance (STC: 1000 W/m2, 25 °C, spektrum AM 1.5)

Nominal power Pmax  [W] 85 90
Power Tolerance [%] ±2.5 ±2.5
Voltage at maximum power Vmp [V] 31.8 32.5
Current at maximum power Imp [A] 2.71 2.79
Open circuit voltage Voc [V] 43.7 44.4
Short circuit current Isc [A] 3.09 3.23

Temperature Coefficient

Temperature coefficient of Pmax  -0.50 %/K
Temperature coefficient of Voc -0.35 %/K
Temperature coefficient of Isc +0.01 %/K

Operating Limits

Maximum system voltage SK II 1000 V
Qualifications (under evaluation) IEC61646, IEC61730-1, EN 61730-2
Safety Class II, CE
Max. number of modules in series connection  16
Max. number of modules in parallel connection No limitation, provided that string diodes in series with
every module string.
Ambient temperature range -40 … +45 °C
Maximum mechanical load Surface load 300 kg/m² (snow load),
point load 5 kg/cm² (walkable)
Hail resistance 25 mm; 83 km/h
Maximum reverse current / Serial fuse rating 4 A

Mechanical characteristics

Module technology Layup  Front sheet/encapsulant/solar cells/encapsulant/
aluminum (aluminum coated or uncoated)
Number and type of solar cells 168 pieces CIGS [Cu(In, Ga) Se2] on polyimide
Gross Dimensions (L x W x D)  2.580 mm x 476 mm x 10 mm (25 mm including junction box)
Weight 4.5 kg
Junction box 2 pieces, MC 4 compatible

* Measuring tolerances: Nominal Power Pmax ± 5 %, other Electrical Parameters ± 10 %