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Sport Park Stožice, Ljubljana, Slowenien

A proven product in new dimensions and with special design

The project „Sports Park Stožice“ shows how innovative and elegantly shaped the proven concept of a shingle can be, when metal is used as work material.

ljubljana 02 400pxThe implementation of the Sports Park Stožice heralded a new era of sports events in Ljubljana. The well-known duo of architects, Sadar Vuga Arhitekti, designed a sports complex, which is extremely functional and moreover offers a breathtaking sight, last but not least for the extraordinary roof structures.

The sports park has an overall concept consisting of several elements and is meant to not only attract sports enthusiasts but also offers space for recreation and spare time activities for all of Ljubljana. In addition to the stadium and a multi-functional sports arena, the premises also include a shopping mall and parking spaces, which are located between the two arenas and partially underground. It has been clear from the beginning that the complex was intended to integrate well into the landscape so to be fi tting for the location at the green town limits. The duo of architects quickly developed the creative concept for this with harmonious shapes and objects integrated in the landscape and thus created a sports venue of highest international standard.

zeichnungThe first drafts already gave cause for sensing something special. The two characteristic elements of the draft coin the appearance of this fascinating project even today: the soccer stadium embedded flatly in the ground, seemingly sinking into the terrain, and the dome of the multi-functional arena in the northwest of the park resembling a shell.

The soccer stadium has capacity for 16,000 spectators and offers ideal conditions for sports events making these a special experience because of the direct proximity of the spectator to the ongoing. Only the roof of the stadium is visible, in this way making it appear like a monumental crater, which has already developed to a characteristic landmark.

ljubljana 03 300pxThe draft of the sports arena reminding of a shell became a fascinating and architecturally sophisticated building. The waved look of the side of the arena was implemented with a three-dimensional roof structure while the undulation of eaves line provides thrilling views of the interior of the building as well as to the outside landscape and surrounding constructions.

The construction has an overall very harmonic appearance with diverse elements. The multi-functional arena and the stadium lead the view in the northern direction; the view of the Alps was kept open between them. Because the other elements of the park are mostly built underground, the flat landscape was maintained and the complex integrates harmonically in the green scenery around the river Sava.

Metal shingles as a solution for the implementation of fascinating constructions

It is obvious that it is not easy to find the ideal covering for a sophisticated roof structure. A glance at the drafts, particularly those for the multi-sports arena, gave cause for sensing that a customized solution would have to be found for this project.

ljubljana 04 300pxBOEHME® SYSTEMS had already implemented most diverse and customized projects with various partners, such as KME. And it was they who recommended the BOEHME® SYSTEMS Classic shingle for the „Sports Park Stožice“. And these shingles were truly made for the project.

Different alternative solutions for the roof covering were compared whereby the work material metal could lastly score with its properties such as durability and no need for maintenance. Special demands to the roof covering arose because of the building geometries. For one thing, it had to be possible to install the material in a three-dimensional structure and for another thing, stronger building movements were expected, which have to be compensated by the roof covering with its flexibility.

ljubljana 05 300pxFor the soccer stadium, the BOEHME® SYSTEMS Classic shingle type Rectangle was chosen. It is a large-size shingle, which prevents any water permeation with a top-sided seam corner. The covering of the sports arena set greater demands to the material as well as the installation. Therefore, the BOEHME® SYSTEMS Classic shingle type Efficient was used, which was installed on the three-dimensional structure. Special calculations were furnished for the installation providing a precise installation plan. In order to prevent water permeation from strong building movements, an additional emergency roof was installed underneath the construction. As safety against roof avalanches, snow guards were directly integrated into the shingles.

In addition to the functional advantages, the used shingles also offer visual highlights: For the roofing of both buildings, a special color coating was selected. It can best be described as a mixture of gold and silver shades with iris effects that appear in various nuances depending on weather conditions and vantage point.

For a project such as Sports Park Stožice, more than just expertise and skilled craftsmanship is required. Creativity is asked for in the approach to such projects in order to jointly find solutions for implementation.

The option for being able to install BOEHME® SYSTEMS Classic shingles of the two different types for the project was found relatively quickly. For the covering of the stadium, a roof structure was developed that takes strong building movements into consideration. For implementation of the three-dimensional roof of the sports arena, new ways of installation had to be found and accomplished.

Implementing visions in roof construction – with commitment and expertise

ljubljana 06 300pxThe technical challenges allow the presumption that the tasks of BOEHME® SYSTEMS in this project were truly complex. Not only special installation plans, but also the details for the project were developed, logistics was coordinated, and the project organization was taken on. The teams of assemblers were also specially trained and supervised. Besides the technical specifications, however, our own schedule had to be observed. For example, a time window of merely four weeks was available for the installation of the stadium roof. Under the supervision of BOEHME® SYSTEMS, an installer company with twenty assemblers at most completed this task successfully. For the more elaborate roof of the sports arena, just eight weeks were available – including the assembly of the substructure. This could only be accomplished with an enormous number of assemblers. Here, the work had to be coordinated and supervised for up to six installer companies. Good management and competent assemblers made this near impossible task a reality.

The solution then presented a spacer construction in segmented fi nish for the substructure, consisting of steel beams and trapezoid sheet metals installed on them. Lastly, this allowed for the curved three-dimensional roof shape. In order to implement curves without cutting edges or hems, the shingles were developed in advance and installed in a specific order. For securing the roof, a backup seal for the roof, consisting of membranes and trapezoid sheet metals was integrated between the substructure and the shingles.

Building blackboard

Products, arena:
BOEHME® SYSTEMS Classic Shingle, Type Efficient
Surface EuraMica Silver/Gold

Products stadium:
BOEHME® SYSTEMS Classic Shingle, Type Rectangle L
Surface EuraMica Silver/Gold

color efficient goura-grey 300pxcolor rectangle-l goura-grey 300px

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