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In the age of globalisation peoples’ perception of space and locality is increasingly changing as well: What is the importance of locality in an age where everything is available wherever we happen to be? This is a development that is being reflected in contemporary architecture, as well. Architectural trends and sustainable construction have been developing for some time now and transcend the confines of national borders.

BOEHME® SYSTEMS recognised this trend and has prudently been expanding its international partner network. This international orientation is going to be further intensified in future.

New projects for respective target markets are already in the pipeline. At the same token, BOEHME® SYSTEMS stays in close contact with its clients and partners. In this way we are able to keep abreast of the times and can let novel aspects and future architectural trends flow into our innovations of tomorrow.

Independent engineering

BOEHME® SYSTEMS INŽENJERING D.O.O. in Croatia’s Pula is one such part of our global network. Its core competence is project conception.

BorisovThe expert team for construction technology take on the design planning phase and work out even the most difficult and detailed solutions; in doing so they put all their trust in the advantages that metal and composite metal materials offer. Products and colours from our standard range may be used, or custom-made solutions to suit a certain project may be developed especially.

Furthermore, so as to visualize the project that is being planned, BOEHME® SYSTEMS INŽENJERING D.O.O. creates 3D models that give everyone involved in the project a good impression of the finished product and an overview of the details.